A Field Guide to Student Life

There are certain experiences every college student goes through — moving away from home, the first taste of independence, pulling all-nighters in a desperate attempt to finish that term paper you put off all semester. But there are also aspects of college life unique to Saint Mary’s. In this field guide to campus life, students share insider information about their secret haunts and their only-at-Saint-Mary’s experiences.

Roommate Observation Tips 

The Party Animal and The ActivistThe Party Animal

Late nights are what party animals are all about. They always have an entourage, ready to party wherever they go. Unfortunately for you, it will be in your dorm. Earplugs and an authoritative RA may help you get through the year with a party animal. But, on the plus side, meeting people is made easy because new friends are brought to you. Places you will find them: On the floor On a roof In bed until noon Not in class

The Activist

There is a fine line between being a mere animal lover or recycler and the roommate who is really serious about social issues. They will take dedication to a whole other level. They will cover the walls with bright posters, speak endlessly about their issues, and do anything and everything on campus to make sure their voices are being heard. These roommates may actually get you interested in issues you didn’t know about and most importantly, get you active. Places you will find them: Intercultural Center Women’s Resource Center CILSA Mission and Ministry

The Musician and The Scholar

The Musician

Singing in the shower shouldn’t be a concern when you have a musician roommate. They will play their hearts out in the lawn, in the room, or wherever they can find an audience. Get ready to enjoy the thrill of hearing all kinds of new music genres. Earplugs are your best investment, unless, on the rare occasion that they do possess some talent, you can collect mounds of artifacts to sell on eBay once they reach notable fame. Places you might find them: Syufy Chapel Lawn De La Salle Lawn Practice Rooms

The Super Scholar

These roommates rarely see the light of day. They spend their time studying, studying and then studying some more. While they will not go to events with you or acknowledge your presence behind their mounds of work, their dedication may inspire you to drop the game room ping-pong paddle and hit the books. Places you will find them Library In their dorm Café Louie Writing Center Tutoring

The Video GamerThe Video Gamer

If you love the sound of combat, zombie death and non-stop action, then you’ve hit the jackpot with a video game geek roommate. They will keep you up all night with the glare of their computer or TV monitors flashing war scenes or the bright green turf of FIFA or Madden games. Video gamers are serious about their virtual worlds; so serious you might enjoy having the room to yourself in the real world. Places you might find them: In their dorm Next to a videogame console


The AthleteThe Athlete

Like the smell of sweat? Well, you will after living with an athlete. Soccer, baseball, water polo, lacrosse, basketball and everything in between, you will have all kinds of players in your room complaining about 6 a.m. practice, team bonding events (yoga), or trouble with the coach. Practice will take up most of their time so you will have to seek out other friends. Or you may decide to join in on the action and be part the team. Places you might find them: Madigan Gym Turf Power Plant

The No Show (Not pictured)

These roommates are always MIA, either cozy back at home or nowhere to be found. You are in for some quiet weekends and lonely nights but do not worry; there are always plenty of out-of-state students on campus. Places you might find them: Catacombs? Facebook

— By Kathryn Geraghty '12 and Liset Puentes '15

   Photographs by Jeffrey Braverman
   Illustrations by Maggie Olson

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