A letter Dan wrote to his Rugby chums in 2010 after the Masters session in Las Vegas:

I can't wait to get back on my bike and get a workout that doesn't hit back.  Great day and lots of fun.  However, the Masters division did not turn out to be a bunch of old guys.  Basically teams that did not fit in any other categories.  Thus, many 30-somethings with full speed and size.  We held our own in the second game against what was called the Las Vegas Old Dawgs but basically it was the Sin City Irish who play together at Division 2 on a weekly basis.  Not bad for a bunch of guys who barely had 15 to make the pitch and 11 of the 15 I had never played with before.  

Our first opponent, The Misfits, disrespected their elders as one spry young man picked me up and dumped me on my head.  Now, either I have lost too much weight in my cycling pursuits or and was just too high coming into the maul. Probably a bit of both.  My teammates could only muster a, "Hey you can't do that!" as the judge blew the whistle for injurious tackle and the side of my head went numb.  Legs a bit wobbly, I left for the remainder (1 minute) of the match.  I chided my mates after the match that "finger pointing" was not enough and 20 years ago a few blows at the b*#@$$ would have prevented anything else from happening.  I guess we have mellowed.  Recovered to play full time of the second match but did not have much desire to take head on tackles off the kick off (at least not after the first one).  Could have killed our kicker for continually placing the ball 15-20 meters deep just for their second row and 8 to get a full head of steam.  Finally, got the kicker to go short on one which I speared out of the air (felt like 15 years ago) only to have the judge say it did not go "10".  Come on, it's Old Boys!

The neck is a bit sore and we will see tomorrow how it impacts the ride.  Boot camp this morning was a lot of grunts and groans!

BTW: 7's Tournament was a great hit.  Over 36,000 over 2 days witnessed the Worlds Best.  Samoa won in an incredible match against NZ at 7:00 PM on Sunday night, 16 hours of Rugby and 8 cases of beer later!