A Message to the Saint Mary's Community from the President

As you know from earlier communications from Sally Stampp, Pete Michell and me, SEED is restructuring to meet evolving needs during the teach-out phase of the School's degree completion programs. This has necessitated a reduction of twenty one staff positions, effective June 15, 2005.

We want you to know who will be leaving SEED this Wednesday in order that you can join the College in expressing thanks for their dedication to the School and to the College, and offer personal farewells before they leave us. In alphabetical order:

Suzanne Beauregard joined the School of Extended Education in 2001 as Regional Director for Community and Corporate Relations.

Lorena Cassady joined SEED as an instructor in 1993 and served as Core Faculty in the Portfolio Department, as Senior Admissions Counselor, and, most recently, in Academic Counseling.

Stephanie Erickson joined SEED as a Senior Admissions Counselor in 2003, right after she received her Master of Arts, Education Administration, from Saint Mary's College.

Maureen Faux joined SEED as an Admissions Counselor in the Sacramento facility in 2002, and joined the Academic Counseling staff a few months later.

Carol Firestone started in 2001 in the College's Student Health & Wellness Center, and was promoted to the position of Administrative Assistant to the Dean of SEED in 2004.

Andrea Gladue joined SEED in 2001 as a Senior Admissions Counselor, and was promoted to Assistant Director of Admissions in 2003.

Rhonda Goldstone joined the School of Extended Education in 2003 as a Senior Admissions Counselor and has a Master of Arts in Counseling from Saint Mary's College.

Rachael Hall joined SEED in 2002 as an Administrative Assistant in the Master's in Leadership program and in Admissions and Recruitment.

Beverly Hildenbrand has nearly 29 years of service to the School of Extended Education. She spent 22 years in support of the Paralegal Program and more recently has been Center Manager/Recruitment & Outreach Assistant at SEED's Fairfield location.

Ron Himes joined SEED in 1996 as an instructor in the Health Services Administration Program, and eventually served as Director of the Program. Most recently he has been the Sacramento Regional Director and Center Manager.

Birgit Hohn is a 16year employee of SEED who has worked in Admissions and most recently in the Office of the Dean of the School of Extended Education. She has a B.A. in Management from Saint Mary's College.

Maureen Keane joined SEED as an Academic Counselor in 2000, and was promoted to Senior Academic Counselor in 2003.

Steve Kennedy began teaching in the SEED Management Program in 1983. He has held the positions of Regional Director for Community & Corporate Relations for the South Bay, and most recently, Systems Manager/Center Manager.

Tiana Koziol joined the School of Extended Education in 2003 as the Assistant Director, Academic Records.

Jo Ann Mayo was one of the original members of the Saint Mary's College OnCall Pool beginning in 1986. Since 1987 she has held the positions of Secretary and Administrative Assistant for SEED.

Rina McFarland joined the School of Extended Education in 2003 as an Admissions Counselor.

Bart VanHousen was hired in 1977 and has worked as Admissions Counselor, Assistant Director of School Relations, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Transcript Analyst, Assistant Registrar, and Section 504 Coordinator. In 1996 he made the transition into SEED as an Admissions Counselor, and later became Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment.

Derrick Willis joined the School of Extended Education in 2003 as an Academic Counselor and Lecturer.

Maura Wolf has been a Senior Admissions Counselor for SEED since 2003. She is currently enrolled in the SEED Graduate Leadership Program.

Patricia Youmans served as Admissions Coordinator and Manager of Admissions and Recruitment for SEED before she "retired" in 2001. She returned in 2002 as Transcript Evaluator.

Pete Zaragoza joined SEED as an Admissions Counselor in 1995. He has held the positions of Senior Admissions Counselor, and since 2002 has served as SEED's Assistant Director of Admissions.

In the next few days you will receive another email explaining the revised roles and responsibilities, and contact information for staff continuing to work in the School of Extended Education. You will also receive periodic updates as the teachout continues.

Brother Ronald Gallagher, FSC