A Vicious Tremor Beneath Our Feet

The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March had an overwhelming effect on the lives of our alumni there, who represent the largest contingent of our graduates overseas. Here are excerpts from their emails to us. Read the full messages of these and several other Saint Mary's alumni in Japan.

Initially, I thought I started feeling dizzy, but I soon knew that a real vicious tremor was beneath our feet. So I grabbed (my wife) Yoshiko's arms and rushed to an open space in a nearby park, where dozens of other people converged within minutes.
Kiyoshi (Joe) Ikemi '57

I hid my son under a table but decided to go outside a few minutes later … because the earthquake seemed different from any of the ones I'd experienced in the past, and I was scared the building would collapse. Mariko Sato '95

I hope the world has witnessed what's happened in Fukushima and the impact of this … We should really stand up and start using other energy sources while shutting down all the nuclear power plants … We are hoping that the thousands of lives lost in this won't be wasted.
Antonio Cancemi '00

Only when I got home past midnight did I begin to learn about the scale of the disaster that wiped away thousands of lives, dozens of towns. tears trickled down my face as I watched various images of the destruction. I went to bed around 3 a.m., but strong aftershocks kept me awake all night.
Akiko Takata '03

Somehow I strongly feel this is my destiny as a Japanese whose country has been fragile, with natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons. That is why Japanese must be tough, patient, industrious, intelligent.
Taiichi Yamabe MBA '95