Our Commitments

The Lasallian, Catholic and liberal arts traditions upon which Saint Mary’s was built inform all the decisions we make. From our curriculum to our student leadership programs to our recycling policy, everything we do as an institution is guided by our college’s core mission.



The core Lasallian principles of social justice, faith in the presence of God, respect for all persons, inclusive community and quality education are manifested by our college in many ways. But the following commitments are currently the most central to SMC right now, and what we see as our opportunities to do the most good.

Inclusive Excellence

The highest quality of academic achievement can only be realized in communities that are culturally, spiritually and ethnically diverse— where all voices are heard, and all students have equitable opportunities to succeed and to serve.

That’s the kind of community we work to build at Saint Mary’s. We believe that we can reach greater heights of excellence by learning from a wide range of individuals and viewpoints, and by creating a culture in which we are all valued, respected and supported.


As a liberal arts institution, Saint Mary's is committed to preparing responsible citizens who contribute to the common good. As a Catholic institution, we affirm the moral obligation to care for God's creation. And as a Lasallian institution, we recognize that the most devastating impacts of environmental degradation are visited upon the disadvantaged.  

For all these reasons, Saint Mary’s has committed to confront environmental problems— not only in our research and educational programs, but also by reducing the environmental impact of our campus.