The primary objective of the website redesign is to increase the number of highly qualified students who apply to and attend Saint Mary’s, and to increase giving by alumni, parents and friends.

When will the new website launch?
The public launch of the new website will take place on October 1, 2011.

What is a "soft launch"?
The soft launch is a way to introduce the new website and content management system to the internal campus community, specifically with the new homepage up and running, and provide some real examples of how it looks, feels and works.

What is included in the website redesign?
- Redesign the public SMC website (www.stmarys-ca.edu)
- Combine SMC public website and SMCnet into a single site
- Implement Drupal as our new content management system (replacing Contribute).

Why is the text in the opening paragraph bigger than the rest of the text on the page?
A nearly universal piece of feedback on our current website is that the text is too small, which makes it difficult to read, and uniformally sized, which makes it difficult to skim (as website visitors strongly tend to do). White Whale suggested giving the opening paragraph on each page a standard, large font size, both to increase the readability of that strategically vital first paragraph and to build a visual heirarchy for text right into the design. The opening paragraph will be VERY easy to read, and will be much more effective at immediately capturing a website visitor's attention.

How can I make a suggestion or give comments?
Feedback of all kinds is welcome, and the best way is to provide it via the Salli feedback form - this will allow the web team to track your feedback and respond in a systematic way, while also providing a record of it.

You can also contact College Communications Web Editor Mike Jung with your questions or comments.