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Changes to Announcements

We know a number of you are often faced with creating both an event and an announcement to get your events to appear on the SMC calendar and My Saint Mary’s. We feel your pain and are making some changes to the Announcements in Salli, as well as tweaking My Saint Mary’s. You may have already noticed a new block on My Saint Mary’s called “Upcoming Events.” This will list the next 9 upcoming events (yes, random number, but that’s what the system allows) from the main SMC calendar. This will replace the “News & Events” block on My Saint Mary’s, which was inaccurate since it was only listing news.

Further changes to announcements will happen July 6th. Here’s what to expect:

Announcements will become “College Announcements”: This new name is meant to reinforce the fact that these are supposed to be messages to the campus community. The Announcements block in My Saint Mary’s will continue to exist where it currently is. Because events will now display on My Saint Mary’s, you won’t have to create an event and an announcement for your event to appear on My Saint Mary’s.

Old announcements will no longer display: On July 6, announcements more than six weeks old will no longer display. This will relieve the Saint Mary’s site of old, stale content that clogs up search results and takes up URLs. If you want to keep some of your old announcements, we advise that you track them down, and download them by going to the announcement, select print, and download as a pdf from the print set-up screen.

New character limit: In an effort to keep announcements short and to-the-point, we are creating a limit of 450 characters. Keep in mind the character count will include tags in the HTML code. That means code that emboldens or italicizes text, or links your text, will count as characters. If you need to post policy or other info important to community members, your announcement should link to a page of the full information on your area.

Expiration date: From launch onward, College Announcements you create will expire and disappear from Salli after six weeks. This will also avoid old content from cluttering up the Saint Mary’s site. College Announcements are intended to function as a quick call to attention for your target audience(s) rather than a piece of content that lives on forever.

New contact field: A new, simple and still optional contact field (name, title, email, office phone, cell phone, address) will make College Announcements consistent with the way contact information is entered across content types in Salli.

No more Highlights or Lists: College Announcements will no longer feed into area pages via the Layout tab. We’ve heard that many of you have stopped using Announcements as highlights and listing blocks in your areas because they overlap with events, news and other options, and they remain on the page after becoming outdated.

Easier Tagging: You will no longer be asked to type in tags to have your College Announcement appear in the Bulletin and on My Saint Mary’s. Instead you’ll select from a straight-forward check box.

Older Salli News

Layout tab help

The Layout tab in the edit screen can be a bit daunting. Never fear! We're here to help. We've put together a new Salli tutorial that will guide you in understanding how some of the features under the layout tab work:

And stay tuned for a future open demo in January on how to utilize this feature in Salli.

New faculty profiles

A fresh new version of the faculty profiles has just launched in Salli! Training sessions for faculty, or anyone else maintaining faculty profiles, will be held in January and in the Spring. This will be a hands-on session where faculty can begin adding to their profile in the new system. Stay tuned for upcoming dates!

Social media help

Have a big event that's perfect for some social media love? Check out our tips on using social media to raise the profile of your event:

Looking for pictures?

Need photos of activities on campus, like a good shot of the Chapel, the Moraga hills or students? The College Communications Dept now offers an online tutorial on how to use any of the 800 campus images: If you have photos you think could be added to the pool, please contact Karen Kemp at [email protected].

New area names

Some areas of the website changed their names, thereby changing their URLs. If there's a chance you link to these areas of the site, double check that your links to these areas were not broken in the process:

  • Women's Studies changed to Women's and Gender Studies 
  • International Area Studies changed to Global and Regional Studies 
  • Liberal & Civic Studies changed to Justice, Community and Leadership

New areas include:

We will continue to provide updates on changes made to area names.


Salli User Group Meetings & Resources

We want each meeting and the resources we create to be useful for all of you. 

For example, we are creating detailed descriptions of each of the Layout tab options for content types such as Pages, including how they may be used, best practices for their use and what they look like when in place. 

Another example is a page with links to examples from around our SMC site demonstrating best practices and interesting approaches to displaying content.

Let us know if there are other sections of the tutorials you would like us to expand or create. And let us know if there are topics you would like us to discuss at upcoming meetings.

Upcoming Salli User Group Meetings

All faculty, staff and students are welcome to attend our sessions.  Feel free to come to any and all sessions that interest you.  You can also access a schedule of meetings in Google Calendar