Strategic Recommendations

The strategic recommendations for the new Saint Mary's College website were originally provided by White Whale Web Services on October 1, 2010.

We have every reason to be extremely optimistic about the outcome of the Saint Mary’s redesign project.

Saint Mary’s is a great school— considering location, quality of academics, values, and school spirit, it’s probably one of the best all-around schools in the United States. Its student body is engaged and articulate; there’s a healthy relationship between IT and communications; the campus is picturesque, the weather’s great. The school is led by a band of socially engaged and widely beloved Brothers and a team of thoughtful and sensitive administrators. If the goal of a redesign is to present an authentic and accurate (if aspirational) picture of an institution, then we’ve got a great head start. There are very few angles from which Saint Mary’s doesn’t look outstanding.

This presents you, and the vendor you’ve chosen to work with on your Web site redesign, with an enormously exciting opportunity to do things that haven’t been done before on the higher ed Web, and to project a sense of confidence befitting one of the world’s great institutions of higher education.

The purpose of this document is to suggest some steps along that road. We have been listening to Saint Mary’s carefully, and now intend to present a few ideas from an objective position. Although graphic designs tend to attract most of the attention, the ideas and documents that form their foundation are just as important— perhaps more. And the work of creating them is a crucially important part of our creative process.

Our goal— and the entire goal of this process— is to create something that will last, that’s sustainable, and that feels like an authentic product of the SMC community. We hope that what we have to say resonates with anyone connected in any way to your site redesign.