Gender Equity Task Force

Gender Equity Task Force Gender Equity Task Force

The Gender Equity Task Force is charged by the Provost to address concerns raised regarding the understanding of sexual harassment policies, protocols and resources and the climate on campus as it relates to gender-based bias or discrimination.  The Task Force will address actions that begin to create and support a work and learning environment where gender-based bias or discrimination does not occur.

Members of the Gender Equity Task Force include the following:  Title IX Coordinator (chair), Co-chairs of Committee on Inclusive Excellence (Provost and Senior Diversity Officer), Director and Coordinator of Women and Gender Studies, Director of Women and Gender Equity Center, Director of CARE Center (Campus Assault Response and Education), representative of the Title IX Committee and the AVP for Human Resources/Incoming Title IX Coordinator.

Springing from the national conversation surrounding sexual harassment and sexual assault and our own discussions on campus climate, the conversations hosted by the Women and Gender Studies program and discussions on the Saint Mary's faculty listserv during the Spring 2018 Term, the Gender Equity Task Force conducted a Campus Climate Survey during the 2018-2019 year. It looked at the Title IX response process, communication about the policy and steps to report, and the general climate at Saint Mary’s regarding gender bias and gender equity in the workplace and educational environment.