President's Statement on Title IX

President's Statement on Title IX President's Statement on Title IX

SMC Title IX Policy and Procedures


Dear Saint Mary’s community,

We all have a responsibility to prevent sexual violence on our campus. Prevention begins with each and every one of us working to foster a culture of mutual trust and maintaining a climate of dignity and respect. This Title IX website, and our execution of preventative and supportive actions, provides our community with the resources and information needed to help maintain such a climate in the event of sexual misconduct and assault.

We are not alone in our struggle to make our campus safe for all the members of our community. Sexual misconduct and assault are problems that are all too pervasive on college campuses across our nation. However, I strongly believe we are and can continue to be a model campus because of our proven commitment to this issue and our systematic efforts to make our campus a safe place to study and work.

No member of our community should ever be discouraged from reporting offenses, and any report should be brought to the attention of the Title IX Coordinator or a Title IX Deputy immediately. Their contact is noted below. Every student, staff, faculty and or visitor of Saint Mary’s College should feel confident that the College will treat sexual misconduct and violence with the utmost seriousness. And I want to be clear that we will hold members of our community accountable for violating campus sexual assault prevention policies.

You have my commitment that when an act of sexual misconduct or assault is reported, we will respond quickly, and with the utmost care for the victim of such an act. I believe we share a common goal for a campus where sexual misconduct and assault are not tolerated, and I ask for your participation in making our campus a safe space for all.


Richard Plumb, PhD