Information for Students

By agreeing to be a student at SMC, you are committing to abide by the College's academic honor code. To view the full honor code, see the student handbook click here.

The Academic Honor Code Pledge

This pledge gives you an explicit opportunity to make a commitment to uphold the high academic standards expected of students, faculty, and staff here at SMC.

As a member of an academic community based in mutual trust and responsibility, I, pledge:

  • to do my own work at all times, without giving or receiving inappropriate aid;
  • to avoid behaviors that unfairly impede the academic progress of other members of my community; and to take reasonable and responsible action in order to uphold my community's academic integrity.


How To Support the Academic Honor Code

  • Ask your instructors about the academic honor code on the first day of every class.
  • When in doubt, ask your instructors about the academic honor code in conjunction with every assignment that is questionable.
  • Demand clear explanations of plagiarism, proper citation, and appropriate collaboration.
  • Attend public events held by the Academic Honor Council, and encourage your peers to attend 
  • When you are found in violation of the Academic Honor Code, follow the procedures (see Reporting Academic Dishonesty).
  • Model appropriate behaviors.
  • Cite sources in your papers.
  • Don't copy from another student, no matter how tempted you are.  It is not worth the risk, you can receive an XF grade, even if you've completed an entire semester!
  • Do not tolerate cheating among your peers.   It not only isn't fair to you, but it devalues your SMC diploma.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to integrity.