Accommodation Requests

The following information may serve as a guide to help you gather the documents to facilitate your request.

Accommodation requests are evaluated on an individual basis.

Accommodation Request Guidelines:

To Request Accommodations: Students with disabilities must request services through the department of Student Disability Services. Students sign a waiver each academic year indicating consent to limited disclosure from the SDS office to appropriate faculty and staff to facilitate services. To receive classroom accommodations, students must renew their request each term. Updated documentation verifying eligibility may be required periodically as appropriate to the disability and institutional policy.

Typical Documentation:

  • Learning Disability documentation usually consists of a psychoeducational evaluation which has been scored on adult normed assessments and has been completed by a psychologist, learning specialist, or other qualified individual. Documentation includes most recent date of evaluation, diagnostic testing, diagnosis/disability, description of functional limitations, and accommodation recommendations. For the purposes of determining eligibility, Attention Deficit Disorders and similar conditions are most often classified as learning disabilities.
  • Physical/Medical Disability documentation most often is no more than 6 months old, consists of the treating physician’s assessment of the condition, diagnosis/disability, permanent or temporary status of the condition, chronic or intermittent nature of the condition, expected frequency and duration of symptoms, description of functional limitations, and recommendations. If the disability is deemed to be temporary, an expected recovery time frame is included. Medical disability documentation may need to be updated according to institutional policy.
  • Psychological Disability documentation is most often less than 6 months old and has been written by the treating psychiatrist/psychologist or other qualified professional. Diagnosis and/or symptoms, expected course of symptoms, and functional limitations are noted.  Psychological disability documentation may need to be updated periodically.

Timely notification: In most instances, it takes 2 weeks to process accommodation requests after the student has completed the registration process with Student Disability Services. Accommodations are not extended retroactively.


Typical services include but are not limited to:

Extended time on exams
Reduced distraction testing environment
Extended time for in-class assignments
Note taking support
Enlarged print
Alternative media
Assistive technology
ASL interpreter

Consideration for excessive absences
Registration assistance
Priority registration
Campus referrals
Academic Coaching
Disability related academic advising
On-campus residency assistance
On-campus facilities assistance