After Saint Mary's

A Saint Mary’s education can take you anywhere. Our graduates have left this valley and ended up in Nigeria as a teacher (Megan Ball ‘98); in Bethesda, Maryland, as chief of the National Cancer Institute (Carl Wu ‘74); in the Slovak Republic as a Fulbright Fellow (Whitney Medved ‘09); and in positions of leadership and service around the world.

A degree from Saint Mary’s can certainly lead to professional success; SMC was recently listed by Forbes Magazine as #5 out of 20 “Colleges That Will Make You Rich.” But beyond financial success, many of our alums are finding new ways to transform, lead and serve their communities. And their stories are just as fascinating.

These are people like Bryan Navarro, who’s blogging right now about his experiences as a news reporter in Oregon; Cliff Harrison, who’s building his hip hop career; Lindsay Swoboda, doing volunteer work in Montana; Paul Leonardi, teaching sociology and economics at Northwestern; and many, many more.

Saint Mary’s Career Center is the starting point for learning about the places a Saint Mary’s education can take you. But you’ll see stories of SMC alumni doing good in the world, and finding success along the way, throughout our site.