Economics Department

Economics Department Economics Department

Economics is a social science centering on the utilization of limited resources to provide the goods and services society needs. At Saint Mary’s, you’ll receive a strong grounding in both theoretical and applied aspects of economics and hone your skills in analysis, communication and ethical decision-making. You’ll have direct access to our renowned, approachable professors for a more personalized experience in discussion groups and lectures.

Economists do more than add up columns of numbers. They meet the needs of society, make informed decisions during times of uncertainty, and create global policy. We’ll help you develop a strong understanding of economic essentials, equipping you for today’s ever-evolving marketplace. 

The SEBA booth at an involvement fair

Economics Club

Discover the Economics Club, our student-run organization that regularly brings guest speakers and connects students with faculty and networking opportunities.

Career Resources

Make the most out of your Economics degree. With SEBA Undergraduate Career Services, learn how to streamline your job search, perfect your resume, create lasting connections in your industry, and so much more.