Fall 2023 Collegiate Seminar Waitlist

Fall 2023 Collegiate Seminar Waitlist Fall 2023 Collegiate Seminar Waitlist
Register for a Collegiate Seminar class that doesn't work with your schedule? 
Didn't get into a class? 
Then please fill out our Collegiate Seminar Waitlist
The Collegiate Seminar Program manages our own in-house Waitlist and Add/Drop process. One seat in all lower-level and two seats in all upper-division sections are held to ensure that everyone who needs a section will be added during the Add/Drop period. 
Please complete the form with your request. You must be logged in to your Saint Mary's email at the time. A summary of your responses will be emailed to you for your records
Please read this carefully:
  • Students must check in with me the week before the semester begins to find out which section to attend.
  • Students must attend all sessions of the class they are directed to in order to be added to it.
  • Students are added during the add/drop period.  
  • The waitlist is not first-come-first-serve. Graduating seniors and those with difficult work/life schedules will take precedence. 
  • Not all requests can be granted
  • Seminar faculty cannot advocate for a student. Please do not contact them to ask if they may add you to their class. 


This fall we are offering:

SEM 250 (sophomore seminar only offered in fall)

SEM 327 (transfer seminar offered in fall & spring)

SEM 303 (third year seminar offered in fall & spring)

SEM 304 (senior seminar offered in in fall, spring, & summer)


Questions? Email collegiateseminar@stmarys-ca.edu