Community Engagement

The core curriculum gives students an engaging, intellectual experience. The Community Engagement goal also requires them to leave the classroom and engage with the world - to apply their intellectual experiences to communities beyond the academy. Students will actively and critically reflect upon these experiences and integrate them in their academic understanding of the world.

Community Engagement: An application of intellectual experiences to the community beyond the academy. 
Requirement: 1 course or qualifying experience

Accounting 178: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance 
Art History 188: Applied Research: Community Service 
Business Administration 126: Applied Marketing Research 
Business Administration 129: International Marketing 
Chemistry 119: Environmental Chemistry 
Communication 161: Communication and Social Justice (also TCG)
Economics 100: Wealth Poverty and Social Justice (also TCG)
EDUC 20: Introduction to Teaching Profession
EDUC 123: Introduction to Field Experience in the Elementary Schools 
English 101: Writing Advisor Training Workshop 
Ethnic Studies 150: Creating Community Through Advanced Interactive Theater (also TCG)
Environmental and Earth Science 60: Urban Environmental Issue 
Environmental and Earth Science 75/76: Wetland Ecology (also SU)
German 4: Continuing Intermediate German 
High Potential Peer Mentorship (cocurricular, non-course) (also CG)
Italian 4: Continuing Intermediate Italian  
Japanese 4: Continuing Intermediate Japanese 
Jumpstart: Core (cocurricular, non-course) 
Justice Community and Leadership 10: Introduction to Justice, Community and Leadership (also AD, TCG)
Justice Community and Leadership 127: Community Engagement: Special Topics 
Justice Community and Leadership 129: Community Engagement: Education 
Justice Community and Leadership 130: Environmental Responsibility in a Global Community  (also TCG)
Justice Community and Leadership 196: Senior Capstone Class 
Kinesiology 14: Introduction to Public Health 
Kinesiology 20: Sport and Recreational Management 
Math Olympiad (cocurricular, non-course)
Performing Arts 50: Interactive Theatre (also AD, CP, TCG)
Performing Arts 185: Teaching Dance
Politics 110: Politics and Race 
Politics 116/117: Political Polling and Survey Research 
Politics 126/127: Food Politics (also TCG)
Politics 140: Gender Politics 
Psychology 144: Middle Childhood
Psychology 165: Cross-Cultural Psychology (also AD)
Psychology 195: Field Placement in Psychology 
Social Action Leadership Team (cocurricular, non-course) (also TCG)
SLICE (cocurricular, non-course) 
Spanish 104: Workshop in Translation
Sociology 132: Sociology Research Methods
Theology & Religious Studies 143: Catholic Social Teaching (also TE)
Women and Gender Studies 126: Engaging Communities  (also TCG)