Global Perspectives

In today's interdependent world, college graduates need to work with people and communities from across the globe. This work will depend upon many factors, not the least of which is the understanding of a foreign language. Through the core curriculum, students will study and compare the social, economic, religious, and political structures of different global communities and cultures, and gain an understanding of the interdependence of these communities.

Global Perspective (GP): A study of social, economic, religious or political structures in different global communities and cultures. 
Requirement: 1 course or qualifying experience

Anthropology 1: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (also SHCU, TCG)
Anthropology 5: Introduction to Archaeology (also SHCU)
Art History 2: Survey of World Art: Africa, Asia and the Americas  (also AA)
Business Administration 10: Global Perspectives in Business and Society  
English 163: South African Fiction
French 5: Conversation-Composition 
Global and Regional Studies 1: Introduction to Global and Regional Studies (also TCG)
History 1: World History to 1500 (also SHCU)
History 2: World History 1500 to Present  (also SHCU)
History 127: The Victorian Empire (formerly Hist 118) (also SHCU)
History 151: Women in Latin American History (also SHCU, TCG)
History 152: Revolution in Latin America (also SHCU, TCG)
History 155: Latin American Environmental History  (also SHCU)
History 162: Modern China (also SHCU)
History 163: Ethnic Identities and Conflict in China  (also SHCU)
Justice Community and Leadership 140: The Global Community (also TCG)
Performing Arts 61: World Theater
Performing Arts 181: Asian Dance 
Politics 143: Middle Eastern Politics
Sociology 116: Global Migration
Sociology 119: Global Sociology
Spanish 10: Conversation-Composition
Spanish 11: Introduction to Literature (also AA)
Spanish 140: Latin American Literature I 
Spanish 141: Latin American Literature II 
Spanish 161: Culture and Civilization of Latin America 
Theology & Religious Studies 152: Islam  (also TE)
Theology & Religious Studies 153: Eastern Religions  (also TE)
Theology & Religious Studies 154: Hinduism  (also TE)
Theology & Religious Studies 155: Buddhism (also TE) 
Theology & Religious Studies 156: Religions of India (also TE)
Theology & Religious Studies 174: Theology of Liberation (also TE, TCG) 

Language Requirement

Studying languages and cultures helps us recognize the universal aspects of the human condition and embrace the diverse backgrounds of people at home and around the world.
Requirement: Intermediate Proficiency, satisfied by Level 3 coursework or demonstration of proficiency.

French 1 (Elementary), 2 (Continuing Elementary) and 3 (Intermediate)  
German 1 (Elementary), 2 (Continuing Elementary) and 3 (Intermediate) 
Greek 1 (Elementary), 2 (Continuing Elementary) and 3 (Intermediate) 
Italian 1 (Elementary), 2 (Continuing Elementary) and 3 (Intermediate) 
Japanese <1 (Elementary), 2 (Continuing Elementary) and 3 (Intermediate) 
Latin 1 (Elementary), 2 (Continuing Elementary) and 3 (Intermediate)  
Mandarin 1 (Elementary), 2 (Continuing Elementary) and 3 (Intermediate) 
Spanish 1 (Elementary), 2 (Continuing Elementary) and 3 (Intermediate)