LEAP Faculty

LEAP Faculty LEAP Faculty

“LEAP has accomplished something no other college has - and done so with uncompromising love for its students and unwavering dedication to their success.  LEAP’s students are far and away the most dedicated, most professional and most fun students I’ve ever taught.  Perfectionists with boundless personality and energy, every class discussion is a revelation, every interaction pure joy.  Getting to be a professor here is the greatest honor of my career.” — Christian De Matteo, LEAP Faculty



LEAP Faculty

Shaunna Vella, LEAP Program Director and Assistant Professor of Dance

Claire Sheridan, LEAP Program Founder

English 05: Argument and Research
Christian De Matteo 

Personal and Professional Assessment:
Miri Hunter

Kathy Hairston 

Seminar 102: Western Tradition:
Christian De Matteo

Seminar 104: The Global Conversation of the 20th/21st Centuries
Christian De Matteo

Jay Chugh

Angel Roque

Margaret Cruz 

Dance History:
Ryan Donovan

Todd Courage 

Human Biology:
Jay Chugh

Dan Jaffe 

Art and Practice of Math:
Jim Iler 

Rosemary Farley

Principles of Performance:
Jamison Jones 

Gary Ramsey 

Theology and Religious Studies (TRS):
Michael Barram