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School of Liberal Arts School of Liberal Arts

Getting a Job, Making a Difference, Making a Life.

Studies show that Liberal arts graduates are in high demand in the job market. Why?

Focusing on the humanities, social sciences, and/or creative and performing arts develops critical and creative thinkers that major companies are eager to hire. In a rapidly accelerating digital world, STEM jobs may be substituted with artificial intelligence, but the humanities cannot be replaced.



Meet the Dean

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Shawny Anderson, Ph.D.

Shawny Anderson has been named Interim Dean of SOLA.


Contact Us

Shawny Anderson, Interim Dean
Dante Hall 109B
(925) 631-4468

Molly Metherd, Interim Associate Dean,
Dante 109B, x. 4166

W. Alan Dixon, Sr., Assistant Dean
Dante Hall 112
(925) 631-4958