Meet the SEAS Staff

Corliss Watkins, M.A.

Director, Student Engagement & Academic Success (SEAS)

Filippi Hall

[email protected] | 925.631.4361


The SEAS Coaches are assigned to students by the first initial of the last name. Find your assigned Coach below:


Kate Cole

SEAS Coach, S, T, V, W, X, Z

Filippi Hall

[email protected] | 925.631.4380


Byron Joseph

SEAS Coach, A, E, I, O, U, Y

Filippi Hall



Christine Oh

SEAS Coach, B, C

Filippi Hall | 925.631.4354


Gaby Perez

SEAS Coach, H, J, K, L

Filippi Hall | 925.631.4357


Collin Pugh

SEAS Coach, D, F, G

Coordinator for Tutorial & Academic Skills Center (TASC)

Filippi Hall

[email protected] | 925.631.4678


Judy Selland

SEAS Coach, N, P, R

Filippi Hall

[email protected] | 925.631.4408


Glen Weisman

SEAS Coach, M, Q

Filippi Hall | 925.631.4239