KSOE Commencement Registration & Credential/Degree Audit Form

KSOE Commencement Registration & Credential/Degree Audit Form KSOE Commencement Registration & Credential/Degree Audit Form

KSOE Commencement Registration & Credential/Degree Audit Form


Student receiving degree at Commencement

Student receiving degree at Commencement


Welcome to the KSOE Commencement Registration* & Credential/Degree Audit Form. By submitting this form, you are signaling to the director of your program that you are ready for the initial review of your academic record. You may submit this form in the term prior to your expected term of completion.

*Please note that this form no longer accepts submissions to register for 2021-2022 Commencement Ceremony because the final deadline of April 1, 2022 has passed. If eligible students have missed this deadline, they may participate in next year's 2022-2023 Commencement Ceremony. 

Submission of this form will prompt the posting of the $125 administrative processing fee called "Degree Fee" to your student account. All students who are in a Credential or Degree Program* are required to pay this administrative fee. It must be paid whether or not you will be participating in the actual Commencement ceremony. The 2021-2022 Commencement Ceremony for Graduate and Professional Studies students is set for May 22, 2022. Please refer to the official SMC Graduate Commencement page for up to date information about the ceremony, participation, regalia, etc.

*For students completing a credential and degree in the same academic year, please complete only one form submission. You will pay for one Degree Fee ($125) on your GaelXpress account. If students are not completing both credential + degree in the same academic year, they must pay a Degree Fee in each of the academic years in which their credential and degree was completed.



  1. To access the registration form you must be logged in to your "My Saint Mary's" account (login located at the bottom right corner of the site). If this still poses problems try a different browser: Mozilla Firefox, Bing, or Safari.
  2. Before you start to fill out this form, be sure that you have digital pdfs of the following documents, if applicable:
    1. An unofficial SMC transcript from GaelXpress verifying passing grades for all courses in your degree program. You may download this from GaelXpress, take a screenshot of your complete GaelXpress account showing all grades posted or in-progress (only if currently registered, IP as a grade is no longer accepted), or you may request your unofficial transcript from the Registrar's Office using this link: Unofficial Transcript Request. This is a required document and there is no charge for this service. We understand that grades for your final term may post after you submit this form. There is no need to resend your unofficial transcript. We will track pending grades.
    2. A copy of your signed thesis signature page (Doctoral students only).
    3. A copy of your email receipt from ProQuest* or the email from your program documenting an approved document submission.
      1. *Certificate (BILA, RR), Credential (MSTE, SSTE, SPED, PASC), BALOS and MAIT students are exempt from this requirement.
      2. Counseling students who passed the CPCE Exam or Praxis Exam, please upload the passing letter that you received from either the exam center or the Counseling Department.
      3. If you receive your ProQuest receipt after you submit this form, please email the ProQuest document as an attachment to ksoe_ess@stmarys-ca.edu. Label it: Last name, First name (SMC ID#). It will be added to your original submission.
  3. Complete and submit the web form.
  4. Make a graduation fee payment of $125 on GaelXpress. This will appear as a separate line item in your next e-bill. This fee is not billed immediately to your account, our internal procedures could take a couple of weeks from the time you submit your commencement registration form to the time when the fee is billed to your account. Please do check your account frequently, because if not paid, this fee will accrue late charges.