Living on the Performing Arts

Living on the Performing Arts Living on the Performing Arts

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Career Options for Dance Majors

The Balance Careers. Dance majors are not limited to performing in their post-college careers. Individuals raised in the arts know that they are equipped with numerous soft skills that will help them excel in a wide variety of fields, dance-related or not. This article highlights the different career options dance majors have following graduation. 

Why Major in Dance?

Oxford University Press Blog. Whatever career draws the interest of a dance major following graduation, he or she is equipped with marketable and translatable skills that can set the foundation for a productive non-dance-related career and life. Art teaches numerous, high-quality skills that help individuals solve problems, work in teams, adapt to changes, and remain tough in the face of mental and physical adversity. 

What Dancers Can Do with a College Degree that They Can't Do Without One

Dance Spirit. There is no doubt that a talented dancer can move the nearest big city, start auditioning, and get a job in the dance industry without a college degree. This article highlights the benefits of going to college and majoring in dance. Even though dancing professionally without a college degree is possible, actually going through college as a dance major prepares an individual incredibly well for the professional dance industry post-graduation and it gives dancers translatable and marketable skills that carry over to front office, sales, marketing, and communications positions inside and outside of the dance industry. 

Uncle Henry Is Wrong — There's A Lot You Can Do With An Art and Design Degree

ASUHerberger. Many assume that those that major in the performing and creative arts are doomed to life-long suffering work as a barista. Studies suggest that this could not be further from the truth. These individuals, as a group, are more likely to be employed post-graduation, more likely to actually work in a major-related field, and more likely to be satisfied with their work despite lower projected initial post-graduation income levels.

9 Ways a Theatre Degree Trumps a Business Degree

Change Agent. Despite popular belief, a degree in theatre can open doors to a variety of occupations, career paths and lifestyles, because, "There IS no weakness in having a theatre background. There is only strength."

Ten Reasons to Let Your Kid Major in Music

Forbes. "Gradually I learned the truth about the working world: except in a few narrow areas of expertise, your undergraduate college major has very little influence on your career path — or your success."