Student Tips for Remote Learning

Gaels are known for their hard work and resilience. As a community, we continuously strive to perform at our best while transitioning to remote learning. Please review the tips below on how to be successful in an online learning environment.

Use Your Resources - Get Support

SMC has compiled a list of Academic Support Resources that are available to you during this time. It is important to fully utilize your resources as you continue to transition into your new routine. 

Time Management

Time management is an essential skill for succeeding within your online courses. Implementing a routine is important and setting detailed and concise timeblocks throughout your day can be beneficial.

Sample schedule






Communication is Key - Email & Moodle

An important aspect of successful remote learning is to regularly check your SMC email and Moodle. Communicate with your Professors, Advisor, and Success Coach. Actively checking your email and Moodle throughout the day will keep you up to date with important information.

Productive Workspace

Find and/or create a quiet, clean and comfortable workspace that works for you. If possible, specify this workspace only for productivity. Try to limit distractions such as cell phones and television screens. Do you use a laptop for personal and academic use? If so, finding a different area to use your laptop for personal use can help you stay organized and focused on your academics.

Staying Organized

Course content, assignments, and expectations may have changed and adapting to these changes can be a challenge. Here are some organizational skills that can help you. 

  • Keep track and monitor your courses. There are several things you can try: 

    • Write down all due dates for assignments, quizzes, papers, and tests

    • Create seperate folders on your desktop for each course

    • Save all lectures and assignments to each respective course folder

    • Pay attention to shifting deadlines - Clarify with your classmates and your professors. It’s ok to ask and people will be more than happy to help you!

  • Break down assignments, especially papers and tests that are due in the coming weeks. Create at least one productive goal you would like to accomplish for each project within a given timeframe.

  • Multitasking will do more harm than good. Working on one assignment at a time will enhance your retention of new information on an upcoming project or test. 


You’re responsible for submitting your coursework on time, however there are people in your life that can support you with making sure you stay on top of all of your assignments! Hold yourself accountable and ask somebody you trust to check in with you. Your Success Coach can collaboratively work with you to create a plan of action and set the goals you want to achieve this semester.

Textbook Accessibility

The library has created a helpful website for accessing free online textbooks. Please contact the library if you have any questions and need additional academic support. Librarians can be emailed at

Online Tutoring & Academic Support

This may be the most beneficial time to reach out for additional academic support. 

Student Disabilities Services (SDS)

If you have any disability related issues with online/remote instruction, please apply for accommodations on their website.

Stay Connected

We may be limited to having face-to-face contact, however that shouldn’t stop us from staying connected with friends and loved ones. Take some time throughout the week to contact those individuals who are important to you! Remember, having fun and taking breaks by socializing with others is a healthy and necessary use of time!

Let’s Be Informed as a Community

Be informed and up to date by following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website. Let’s continue to support each other.