The Common Good

The core curriculum is one of the key vehicles for living out the College’s Catholic and Lasallian traditions, which asks student to explore the meaning of the common good. This goal encourages vigorous academic debate about different ideas of what the common good is and how it might be pursued.

The Common Good (TCG): A vigorous academic exploration about what the common good is and how it might be pursued. 
Requirement: 1 course or qualifying experience

Anthropology 1: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (also SHCU, TCG)
Business Administration 108: Interfaith Leadership for Business and the Professions (also AD)
Classical Languages 100: Classical Mythology 
Communcation 118: Media Law 
Communication 161: Communication and Social Justice  (also CE)
Economics 100: Wealth Poverty and Social Justice (also CE)
English 184: Contemporary Drama (also AA)
Environmental and Earth Science 90/91: Introduction to Sustainability 
Environmental and Earth Science 92/93: Introduction to Environmental Science (also SU)
Ethnic Studies 1: Introduction to Ethnic Studies (also AD)
Ethnic Studies 50: Creating Community  (also AD)
Ethnic Studies 150: Creating Community through Advanced Interactive Theatre  (also CE, CP)
Global and Regional Studies 1: Introduction to Global and Regional Studies (also GP)
High Potential Peer Mentorship, (co-curricular, non-course) (also CE)
History 5: History of Western Civilization since 1500  (also SHCU)
History 151: Women in Latin American History ) (also SHCU, GP)
History 152: Revolution in Latin America  (also SHCU, GP)
Justice Community and Leadership 10: Introduction to Justice, Community and Leadership (also AD, CE)
Justice Community and Leadership 130: Environmental Responsibility in a Global Community (also CE)
Justice Community and Leadership 140: The Global Community (also CE)
Kinesiology 106: Women in Sport 
Modern Languages 186: Culture and Civilization of Italy) (also AA)
Performing Arts 50: Interactive Theatre  (also AA, CP, CE)
Philosophy 10: Plato and Philosophical Inquiry 
Philosophy 11: Aristotle and Philosophical Method 
Philosophy 130: Ethics(also TE)
Politics 1: Introduction to Comparative Politics (also SHCU)
Politics 2: Introduction to American Politics
Politics 3: Introduction to Political Theory
Politics 104: United States Public and Constitutional Law 
Politics 110: Politics and Race
Politics 115: Theories of Justice 
Politics 126/127: Food Politics  (also CE)
Politics 135: Environmental Politics and Ameican Political Thought
Psychology 115: Health Psychology 
Seminar 146: Common Good Seminar - Questions of Citizenship 
Social Action Leadership Team (SALT) (cocurricular, non-course) (also CE)
Sociology 4: Social Problems (also AD, SHCU)
Theology & Religious Studies 117: Wealth and Poverty in the Bible  (also TE, AD)
Theology & Religious Studies 143: Catholic Social Teaching (also TE, CE)
Theology & Religious Studies 174: Theology of Liberation (also TE, GP)
Theology & Religious Studies 175: Race and Religion of the Americas (also TE, AD)
Women and Gender Studies 1: Introduction to Women's Studies (also SHCU)
Women and Gender Studies 126: Engaging Communities (also CE)