Area Requirement

These academic requirements apply to students who started at Saint Mary's prior to Fall 2012, as well as to certain transfer students (contact the registrar for details). For students who started in 2012, see our new core curriculum.

Area A: Humanities
You must take 2 courses from the following disciplines:
Art & Art History; Classical Languages; Communication; English; Modern Languages; Performing Arts: Dance, Music and Theater; Philosophy; Religious Studies; or Women's Studies.

Area B: Math
You must take 1 Mathematics or Mathematics/Computer Science course.

Area B: Science
You must take 1 Science course with a lab component.

Area C: Social Sciences
You must take 2 courses from the following disciplines:
Anthropology/Sociology; Economics; History; Politics; Psychology; or Women's Studies (by petition).

Courses which do not fulfill an Area requirement include the following:

  1. Courses taken to complete other general education requirements;
  2. Practice-oriented, studio or activity courses; and
  3. Any course in the major field of study, with the exception of Science majors. Fulfilling major requirements also completes the Area B requirement for Science majors.