American Diversity

The dignity of the human person is a foundational belief of the Catholic faith. We live, study, and work in an increasingly diverse American society. Therefore, in the core curriculum students will be asked to intellectually engage with social, cultural, economic, and political diversity in the United States. They will understand what it means to be civically engaged in diverse communities and to work cooperatively in diverse workplaces.

American Diversity (AD): An intellectual engagement with the social, cultural, economic or political diversity in the United States. 
Requirement: 1 course or qualifying experience

Business Administration 108: Interfaith Leadership for Business and the Professions (also TCG)
Communication 3: Communication Inquiry 
Communication 106: Intercultural Communication (also SHCU)
English 23: American Voices (also AA)
English 153: American Ethnic Writers and Oral Traditions  (also AA)
English 154: Studies in African-American Literature  (also AA)
Ethnic Studies 1: Introduction to Ethnic Studies (also TCG)
Ethnic Studies 50: Creating Community  (also TCG)
History 17: History of the United States to 1877  (also SHCU)
History 18: History of the United States since 1877 (also SHCU)
History 132: The American Revolution and the Early Republic (also SHCU)
History 136: Immigration and Ethnic Relations in American History (also SHCU) 
History 138: The Development of Modern American Culture  (also SHCU)
History 139: History of Women in America  (also SHCU)
History 140: African-American History: 1619-1865  (also SHCU)
History 141: African-American History: 1865 to the Present  (also SHCU)
History 142: History of California  (also SHCU)
Justice Community and Leadership 10: Introduction to Justice, Community and Leadership (also CE, TCG)
Kinesiology 106: Women in Sport 
Performing Arts 113: Jazz and Blues in America (also AA)
Performing Arts 184: Dance in Performance (also AA)
Politics 101: Latino and Asian Politics in California 
Politics 107: American Legal Institutions 
Politics 110: Politics and Race (also TCG, and CE)
Psychology 168: African American Psychology  
Psychology 163: Prejudice and Stereotyping 
Psychology 165: Cross-Cultural Psychology (also CE)
Sociology 2: Introduction to Sociology(also SCHU)
Sociology 4: Social Problems (also SHCU, TCG)
Spanish 9: Spanish for Spanish Speakers 
Studies for International and Multilingual Students 15: American Culture and Civilization (also SHCU)
Theology & Religious Studies 117: Wealth and Poverty in the Bible (also TE, TCG)
Theology & Religious Studies 166: Spirituality in Practice: Catholics in America  (also TE)
Theology & Religious Studies 171: Gender and Religion in American Culture (also TE)
Theology & Religious Studies 175: Race and Religion of the Americas (also TE, TCG)