Habits of Mind

Fundamental to a liberal arts education are the habits of mind that prepare students for a lifetime of learning and critical engagement with the world. 

Considered fundamental to a liberal education, habits of mind foster each person's development as one who seeks to know the truth and is preparing for a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

The SMC Core is designed to challenge students to develop their skills across their four years in:

Students will first encounter these skills in their Collegiate Seminar and Composition courses, further practicing and developing them in their majors and throughout the rest of the curriculum.


4 Seminar Courses, one per year. 3 Writing courses.

Seminar 1: Critical Strategies and Great Questions  
Seminar 2: Western Tradition  I  
Seminar 102: Western Tradition I for transfer students 
Seminar 103: Western Tradition II
Seminar 104: The Global Conversation of the 20th and 21st Centuries

English 4: Composition
English 5: Argument and Research

Writing in the Disciplines: Taken within major

For more information and resources on Writing in the Disciplines, visit the Center for Writing Across the Curriculum website