Scientific Understanding

Scientific Understanding: Mathematics and science courses that are part of the core curriculum will develop quantitative, observational, and problem solving abilities of students. In addition to gaining an understanding of content and methodologies, students will examine mathematics and science as a creative endeavor. They will also consider the social and ethical issues of scientific inquiry and application.

Scientific Understanding (SU): Learning about the natural/physical world by gathering data and formulating hypotheses about how the world works based on that data. 
Requirement: 1 course and accompanying laboratory

Biology 7: Introduction to Biological Anthropology 
Biology 10/11: Introduction to Biology 
Biology 40/41: Instroduction to Microbiology  
Biology 50/51: General Biology 
Biology 80/81: Human Biology  
Biology 88/89: Biology of Women 
Chemistry 8/9: General Chemistry I  
Environmental and Earth Science 40/41: Geology and the Earth  
Environmental and Earth Science 50/51: Earth and Life through Time 
Environmental and Earth Science 75/76: Wetlands (also CE)
Environmental and Earth Science 92/93: Introduction to Environmental Science (also TCG)
Physics 1/2: Introduction to Physics I
Physics 40/41: Revolutions in Science  
Physics 90/91: Introduction to Astronomy