Social, Historical, and Cultural Understanding

By studying the world from the perspectives and frameworks of history and the social sciences, students will understand how to place todays world in a meaningful context and to arrive at sufficiently complex explanations for current social arrangements. These perspectives and their methodologies allow students to probe deeply into the richness and diversity of what it has meant and means to be a human in relationship with others, in different places and times.

Social, Historical, Cultural Understanding (SHCU): Placing today's world in a meaningful context and arriving at sufficiently complex explanations for current social arrangements. 
Requirement: 2 courses

Anthropology 1: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (also GP, TCG)
Anthropology 5: Introduction to Archaeology (also GP)
Communication 106: Intercultural Communication  (also AD)
Communication 112: Interpersonal Communication 
Economics 3: Principles of Micro-Economics 
Economics 4: Principles of Macro-Economics  
Economics 10: Economics of Social Issues 
History 1: World History to 1500 (also GP)
History 2: World History 1500 to Present (also GP)
History 4: History of Western Civilization to 1500 
History 5: History of Western Civilization 1500 to Present (also TCG)
History 10: Introduction to Historical Methods 
History 17: History of the United States to 1877  (also AD)
History 18: History of the United States since 1877 (also AD)
History 111: Birth of Europe 
History 112: Europe in the High and Middle Ages 
History 113: The Age of the Renaissance 
History 114: Warfare in Medieval Europe 
History 121: Early Modern Europe
History 123: 20th Century Europe (formerly Hist 117)
History 125: Women in European History
History 127: The Victorian Empire (formerly Hist 118) (also GP)
History 132: The American Revolution and the Early Republic  (also AD)
History 133: Era of the Civil War and Reconstruction
History 136: Immigration and Ethnic Relations in American History  (also AD)
History 138: The Development of Modern American Culture (also AD)
History 139: History of Women in America 
History 140: African-American History 1619-1865  (also AD)
History 141: African-American History: 1865 to the Present (also AD)
History 142: History of California  (also AD)
History 151: Women in Latin American History  (also GP, TCG)
History 152: Revolution in Latin America  (also GP, TCG)
History 155: Latin American Environmental History (also GP)
History 162: Modern China  (also GP)
History 163: Ethnic Identities and Conflict in China (also GP)
Justice Community and Leadership 120: Theory and Inquiry
Kinesiology 114: Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity
Modern Languages 185: Culture and Civilization in France 
Performing Arts 130: Foundations of Theater
Politics 1: Introduction to Comparative Politics  (also TCG)
Psychology 1: Introduction to Personality-Social Psychology 
Psychology 150: Personality Psychology 
Psychology 160: Social Psychology 
Sociology 2: Introduction to Sociology  (also AD)
Sociology 4: Social Problems (also AD, TCG)
Sociology 101: The Sociological Imagination
Studies for International and Multilingual Students 15: American Culture and Civilization  (also AD)
Women's and Gender Studies 1: Introduction to Women's Studies (also TCG)