The job outlook for accounting majors is both wide ranging and promising.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts substantial growth in accounting jobs, partly due to the broadening scope of the services provided by accounting professionals. Accounting graduates can pursue careers in auditing, taxation, management consulting, diversified financial services, or government, and are also well-prepared for graduate education in law or management.

Careers in accounting may be divided into several areas. 2 general classifications are public accounting and private accounting. Public accountants offer expert service in auditing, income tax planning and preparation, and management and computer consulting. The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license is a mark of excellence. Private accountants work for a single employer such as a business, corporation, educational institution, or governmental agency. A chief accounting officer usually has the title of controller, treasurer, or chief financial officer and carries the status of vice-president. A private accountant may be involved in cost accounting, budgeting, general accounting, information systems, tax accounting, or internal auditing.