Cash Advances

How to request funds in advance of incurring an expense.

When paying out of pocket for College expenses is not an option, funds may be made available through one of two methods.

A Declining Balance card:  The card is a pre-loaded VISA card which may be applied for through the Purchasing website.  All the details are outlined in the Declining Balance Card section.

A Cash Advance must be requested on a Cash Advance Request form with the signature of an authorized signer. The Cash Advance Request should include the purpose of the advance and dates of use. This enables the appropriate matching of the advance to the Expense Report when submitted. The advance amount will be charged to the account line reflected on the Check Request, and the actual expense adjusted based on the Expense Report form.

  • Employees are responsible for the funds issued. When the advance is issued by check, it will need to be picked up by the employee in the Business Office, Accounts Payable.  When an employee is signed up for reimbursement by e-check payment, he/she has agreed to the terms and conditions of such responsibility during the e-check enrollment process.

  • A second advance will not be issued until an Expense Report is received for the first advance.

  • The Expense Report is to be submitted no later than 30 days from the end of the trip or event. Receipts substantiating all purchases must be attached, and all necessary signatures must be on the Expense Report form for final processing by the Business Office.

  • Any remaining funds must be turned into the Business Office with the Expense Report, preferably by check.  Any cash returns must be handed directly to one of the Accounts Payable Staff.  Safeguarding of the funds is the responsibility of the employee until the funds are in the Business Office.


Emergency requests for cash advances will be handled on an individual basis. There is no guarantee that emergency advance checks will be issued.