Charitable Giving and Fundraising Policies

Clarification of Appropriate Use of College Resources

To avoid confusion regarding the appropriate use of College funds or resources in charitable giving, the following guidelines must apply:

It is inappropriate for any College department to give College funds or resources to another charitable 501(c)(3) entity. Students pay tuition and donors pledge money on the assumption that the funds or resources will be used for education and services at the College. Thus, the Business Office will not process any check requests or other payments against College budget lines for charitable giving.

The College's budget has been carefully determined to provide adequate funding for each department, within our given resources. Thus, it is inappropriate for one department to make a "donation" to another, without appropriate discussion with the area Vice President(s) involved. Such "donations" circumvent a decision process that has already taken into account the needs of both departments.

None of the above is intended to discourage private and personal giving to charity or to discourage groups of students or employees acting in concert to help out personally where we are needed, either with our time, energy, or finances. Nor should this discourage fundraising as long as all people who donate are very clearly informed about the beneficiary of the gifts. The College cannot be the facilitator for the budget transactions, therefore checks from those attending such a fundraising event must be made payable to the benefiting organization.

Reviewed by Cabinet: February 6, 2008