Check Requests

How to make payments for outside service providers and vendors who do not provide an invoice.

Check Requests should be used for any payment where a vendor invoice is not available, including purchases where vendors will not honor a purchase order and require a check prior to delivery of services or goods and when a deposit payment is required by the vendor. Do not use the check request form for employee reimbursements; use the Expense Reimbursement form. Do not use the check request form if you have received an invoice from the vendor.

Complete the Check Request form. Be sure to check the "Mail" or "Hold" box. Provide the name the check is to be made payable to. Use the legal name (e.g.: Sandra K. Smith, not Sandy Smith) for an individual. Provide the payee's address, even if the individual is an employee. Attach supporting documentation (e.g.: order form, registration form, supporting correspondence from payee).

Check Requests for services rendered must include the following information:

  • Federal form W-9 completed by the vendor if one is not currently on file. 

  • Supporting documentation that describes the services, the date(s) provided and the agreed upon payment.

  • State form 590 or 587 for Out of State Residents: California state tax withholding of 7% is required for payments in excess of $1,500 in a calendar year. The deduction will be done by the Business Office automatically.

  • Obtain approval signature and account code(s) from the appropriate authorized signer. If an additional signer is required for an account or dollar amount, that signature is also to be obtained.

  • Submit the Check Request to the Business Office. Please allow a minimum of 7 to 10 business days after receipt in Accounts Payable for a check to be cut. (See notes)

  • Requests for urgent payments based on unforseen circumstances need to be handed directly to an AP clerk for handling.

  • Checks are run on Tuesday and Thursday nights and are available Wednesday and Friday mornings after 11:00 a.m.


A Check Request may be rejected at any time for lack of funds or incomplete information even if it has been approved by the Department Head or Dean. Should this occur the department would be notified as soon as possible.