Expense Reports

How to request reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses for employees and students.

An Expense Report form is used for reimbursement of expenses paid out of pocket on behalf of the College or for substantiating expenditures incurred with cash advance funds. It is not appropriate to request reimbursement of expenses using a Check Request; the Expense Report is specifically designed for this purpose.

  • Expense Reports must be submitted to the Business Office no later than ten (10) working days from the return of a trip or incurring an expense.

  • Include the business purpose and description of the expense, amount due, and  identify persons involved when applicable.**

     **Entertainment/meal expenses must include the names of attendees or identify the title of the group when it is not practical to list all attendees.  Payments made on behalf of another person (such as hotel or registration expenses) must reflect the individual's name and reason for the expense.

  • Attach all original receipts that include the details of the items purchsed (not just the total amount); the method of payment must be reflected or the receipt is not considered valid. The receipts should be put in chronological order and attached to the back of the Expense Report.  Use of a spreadsheet is also acceptable to outline the details of the expense(s). Mileage will be reimbursed at the standard business rate as set by the IRS. (Please note that reimbursement for gas charges is only appropriate for: Rental cars while on College travel, College owned vehicles, or in cases where the length of the trip is such that the cost of gas is more economical and the driver is agreeable**(See Travel Policy-Automobile Travel)

  • Items purchased requiring shipping ARE TO BE SHIPPED TO THE COLLEGE WAREHOUSE, not to a home address.
  • The Alcohol Form must accompany reimbursement requests for purchase of alcohol for any event where students may be in attendance.  See (overseen by SIL) for further information and the form.

    Events Where Alcohol Will Be Served

  • To reconcile a cash advance, reflect the amount advanced on the front of the Expense Report in the space provided, and deduct from the total expenses.

  • If money is due to the employee, show the amount under Balance Due.

  • If money is due to SMC, it must be returned with the Expense Report. Reflect the amount due on the Report and attach a check made payable to SMC.

  • Summarize the general ledger accounts to be charged on the front side of the Expense Report.

  • The Expense Report must be signed by the individual requesting the reimbursement.

  • The Expense Report must be approved by the authorized signer to whom the individual reports and/or the authorized signer for accounts charged to another department.

  • A check will be available within seven (7) to ten (10) working days of the receipt of an approved report in the Business Office, providing everything is in order. You may, also, elect direct deposit (ACH) by signing up on GaelXpress My Bank Acct- eReimbursement. You must sign up even if you previously signed up through payroll.

  • INCLUDE ONLY expenses paid by you. Do not include expenses to be billed to the College via vendor invoice or College Procurement Card.