Sodexo Contract Procedures

As Sodexo is a separate business entity from the College, proper paperwork and approvals must be in place for their services.

This is important to ensure timely payment since the College is invoiced the day after an event takes place.

    • For events $3,000 and under, an account number and authorized signature on the contract is sufficient for invoicing.  For events over $3,000, a purchase order number is required.*** (Please provide the event contract number on the requisition request. An estimate is fine to create a requisition; do not delay the process waiting for exact figures.)  ***A PO or BPO provided to Sodexo does not require additional approvals on the contract.


    • NOTE: Sodexo No Longer Offers The 10% Courtesy Discount


  • The account number or purchase order number is to be provided at the time a contract is being arranged.  In addition, if a PO/BPO not being used and the person placing the order is not an authorized signer, the name of the signer must also be provided.  These two items are required when placing an order.  An order will not be processed without this information.


    • The Purchasing Department faxes all purchase orders to Sodexo to facilitate billing.  (However, the department should also call Sodexo with that information.)


    • Should the event cost increase by more than 10% of the purchase order amount, the Purchasing Office should be contacted to adjust the amount of the purchase order.


  • Athletics events require the purchase order/blanket purchase order number be provided at the time the event is being planned, regardless of the dollar amount.


Effective July 2010, updated Feb 2013 and July 1 2013