Payment Plan

The Business Office has partnered with Tuition Management Services (TMS) to offer an interest free payment plan that allows families of undergraduates to pay tuition, room and/or board monthly (fall amounts over 4 or 5 months and spring over 5 months).

Payment Plan

With this payment plan there is no interest or multi-year obligation like with a loan, but there is a participation fee of $63 to enroll. Payments are made to TMS via phone, mail or the internet using checking account information. (There is a fee of $2.50 for using a checking account.)

The first payment is due either June 15 or July 15 depending on the number of payments selected. Payments are due on the 10th of each month, with the final payment for fall semester due in October and the final payment for spring semester due in March. Note: Each semester must be paid in full prior to registration for the next term.

To enroll in the 10-Month Payment Plan, families may visit or contact Tuition Management Systems at (800) 722-4867. All new and continuing students will be mailed an informational brochure during the late spring. If you would like to request an application, contact the Business Office at (925) 631-4209.

Nontraditional undergraduate and graduate programs have other enrollment and billing cycles. Contact the Business Office for the details about the payment plans for these programs.

See our Payment Options page for additional payment information.