Financial Management Resources

Resources available to assist with student loans and financial literacy


Student Loans:


What do I owe? Who do I owe?

  National Student Loan Data System (You will need your FAFSA PIN to access your record)


What will my monthly payments be and for how long?

  Loan Calculators

  Federal Student Loan Website


Loan Forgiveness Programs

  Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness

  California Teachers Loan Forgiveness Programs


The Politics and Advocacy on Student Loan Debt

  Project on Student Debt


Guide to Private Student Loans for Undergraduates

Student Loan Hero


Financial Literacy for College Students:

  Cash Course via Saint Mary's College of California

  Smart Money Personal Financial Tools

America's Debt Help Organization


  Know Your Credit Score

  Equifax          800-685-1111

  Experian        888-397-3742

  TransUnion    800-888-4213