Albert Ahedo '20 Reflects on Standing Up Against Injustice on The Cummins Institute Blog

Cummins Institute blogAlbert Ahedo ’20, who majored in Kinesiology, recounts a powerful experience of trying to protect young women, whom he was helping to coach, from sexual victimization and support the rest of the team in their just concerns. His is a story of Christian faith and witness, nurtured in his family and cultivated in his Lasallian schooling. In these days when we are called to stand with the victims of injustice, the author’s Gospel witness to the struggle for justice can inspire us all. The essay offered was first presented as a reflection on leadership, for which he received a departmental scholarship. Read “Leadership for Change” in the June 30 edition of The Cummins Institute blog.

Date of Mention: 
Tuesday, June 30, 2020