Alliah Robelle Castro MFA Creative Writing '20 Signs with Sterling Lord Literistic Agency

Alliah Robelle Castro (Fiction, '20) has a new short story, "Unveil," out in Catapult. As a result of her publication, Castro has signed with Mary Krienke of Sterling Lord Literistic, an agency that has represented recent successful titles such as Chanel Miller’s Know My Name and Bryan Washington’s Memorial. Castro will be expanding on her MFA thesis for publication.

"The novel I'm working on is about two Fillipina sisters, one with the goal to explore the world as a seafarer and the other to overthrow the abusive government in her hometown." -Lia Castro on her developing work.

Read an excrept of Castro's recent publication:  

"They do, however, believe in spirits, engkantos, and the bruha. 

Fish! The familiar scent of oil, vinegar, and garlic. It could mean only one thing: My mother was panfrying tilapia and boiling rice. She cooked for me every day, no matter the circumstances; she believed she always knew that food was best for me. Every time I sat at the dinner table, the same old speeches waterfalled out of her mouth: 'You are not supposed to yawn at the dinner table,' and, 'You can't wear your hair like that, here let me show you.' An inevitable reminder that I was not my own person. 

From the moment I first drew breath, her eyes were always on me–making sure that, I, the única hija, the beloved and only jewel of the family, followed her rules. Back home, people don't believe in letting girls be independent. They do, however, believe in spirits, engkantos, and the bruha."


The MFA in Creative Writing program would like to congratulate Lia for this incredible accomplishment!


Read Castro’s full alumni profile.

Date of Mention: 
Friday, March 5, 2021