Allied Health Science

The Allied Health Science program combines liberal arts tradition with a multi-disciplinary scientific curriculum to give students a broad exposure to biology, chemistry, psychology, and kinesiology.

The requirements for the Allied Health Science major have been designed to fulfill common prerequisite courses for admission into most physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other allied health graduate programs.  Because of this, the curriculum is dense and pre-requisite rich.  It is imperative that students begin with a good high school preparation in mathematics and chemistry and then take college math and chemistry during their first year at SMC.  Students must take a pro-active role in their course planning, working with their FYAC advisor and the Allied Health Professions advisor, to ensure they stay on track.

With a strong employment outlook in almost all sectors of the field of human health, it is a great time to pursue a degree in Allied Health Sciences.  The AHS Bachelor of Science degree at Saint Mary’s College focuses on:

1. The scientific principles of human health.

2. Whole organisms (microbes to plants and animals) and their structure and function.

3. Multiple aspects of human health from the biological to the physical to the psychological.

This degree program can be tailored to fulfill prerequisites for a variety of graduate and professional schools and training programs including:

Physical Therapy

Occupational therapy

Physician Assistant*

Chiropractic Medicine


Podiatric Medicine

Genetic Counseling*

Health Administration

Registered Nurse

Nurse Practitioner*


Public Health


Nuclear Medicine*

Medical and Clinical Lab Technician*


*Requires organic chemistry and biochemistry