Allyson Lyle

Web Developer

The Internet is great news for English majors – suddenly we’re employable and even sought-after. Now that every business needs a web-presence, someone who can write well and help others do the same is valuable. Webmasters combine writing, editing, marketing, art and a touch of programming to convey meaning on a multimedia platform. My St. Mary’s education helped prepare me for the work I do each day. All those papers I wrote taught me to write clearly. You'll be amazed how difficult it is for most of your co-workers to express their thoughts on paper. All the books I read make me the resident wordsmith – the 1 who can choose just the right phrase for an ad campaign. one of  my most valuable college experiences was working in the writing lab, where I learned to edit someone else's words and to ask politely, "What are you really trying to say here?" I would be even more valuable if I had taken a few computer classes and even one grammar class.