Alumni Association Salutes Six Gaels for Service to the College

More than 140 alumni, family members and friends gathered at the 48th Annual
Alumni Awards in the Soda Center on Nov. 3 to honor six individuals who have enriched Saint Mary's through their ongoing service and generosity.

"This is an extremely diverse group - people from different backgrounds who have different specialties," said Alumni Association Vice President and awards emcee Janine Ogando '89. "What they all share is a great love of Saint Mary's College."

This year's winners included four Gael graduates from the past four decades - Rolls Royce-North America President Jim Guyette '67, Oakland attorney Jim Wood '70, Nevada businessman Rick Reviglio '88 and Residence Life Associate Director Jim Sciuto '00. They were recognized for their successes in business, law and education, as well as their continuing contributions to the College and their communities.

"These individuals have served Saint Mary's, but also the Bay Area, California and the wider world - they really have that kind of reach," said Brother President Ronald Gallagher '69.

"Alumnus of the Year" Guyette has been a Saint Mary's regent for more than 20 years, sponsored an endowed scholarship at the College and held top-level jobs at Rolls Royce and United Airlines over the course of his career. He recalled that it wasn't too long ago that he was working at Saint Mary's banquet dinners rather than being honored at one.

"For a guy who used to work at events like this in Oliver Hall, this is a big moment," he said. "And to the waiters and bartenders out there, there's hope."

Wood, the Certificate of Merit honoree who helped raise $100,000 for the Brother Mel Endowed Scholarship, and Reviglio, the Signum Fidei winner who has helped build the $500,000 Northern Nevada Endowed Scholarship, were both moved by the College's appreciation of their service.

"It's nice to be home again at Saint Mary's and to watch it grow as we move into the Brother Ron years," Wood said.

Sciuto received the award for Gael alumnus of the last decade and has twice been named staff member of the year for his work with students in residence life.

Also receiving awards were Professor Shawny Anderson, who was recognized for her
devotion to students and for organizing ongoing Gulf Coast service work after Hurricane Katrina, and Brother Dominic Berardelli, the fundraising force behind the Chapel renovation who was named an honorary alumnus.

"It's an honor to be here and to serve here," said Brother Dominic, who now serves as special assistant to the president. "I thank all the students - they are the ones who give my life a purpose."

As the evening drew to a close, John Neudecker ‘72 led the crowd in rousing renditions of "Hail, Saint Mary's, Hail!" and "The Bells of Saint Mary's."

"There are thousands of graduates proud to call themselves Gaels," said Brother President Emeritus Mel Anderson. "Among those thousands, only a few are singled out in this way by the College for their service."

--John Grennan
Office of College Communications

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