Alumni Sought to Recruit New Gaels

The Alumni-Admissions Program is seeking more members, especially alumni from underrepresented minority groups, to recruit students of color to Saint Mary’s so that the College reflects the diversity of its West Coast community and enhances the educational experience of the student body.

Volunteers will work with Omar Zazueta ’03, the coordinator of minority student recruitment, by assisting in targeted college fairs in the fall, calling admitted minority students in the spring and working with community-based organizations throughout the year.

The student body at Saint Mary’s is already diverse; 50 percent of students are white, 20 percent Hispanic, 10 percent Asian or Pacific Islanders, 6 percent black and the rest either Native American or unknown.

In July, Saint Mary’s became a member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, an organization committed to Hispanic success in higher education. The College has associate member status based on its Hispanic student enrollment.

“The changing nature of our students and the experiences they bring with them has changed our learning environment, creating the opportunity for Saint Mary’s to be known as a leader in inclusive, collaborative learning,” Brother President Ronald Gallagher said.

The International Alumni-Admissions Program is also looking for more volunteers to help recruit international students to Saint Mary’s. Current volunteers attend college fairs, do presentations at EducationUSA Offices, call or e-mail accepted students with congratulations and share stories or experiences of being a student at Saint Mary’s.

For more information on the Alumni-Admissions Program, contact Linde Waite at (925) 631-4930 or