Lorien McKenna

Department Manager, PIXAR Animation Studios

While I was at Saint Mary's College happily working my way through an English Literature and Performing Arts double major, I sometimes wondered how I'd "use" my degree in the real world after graduation.

Sapna Ghandi '00

Actress & writer

Sapna has worked in business and for several non-profit organizations. She now dedicates herself to writing and acting full time. 

Eric Ivary '68

Trial lawyer, mediator & arbitrator

Eric Ivary has thirty years experience as a trial lawyer. He is now a mediator and arbitrator. In my line of work, first as a trial lawyer and now as a mediator, I've found that telling and recognizing a compelling story is key to...

Christopher Mullen

Head of Marketing

Whether attempting to convince lather-deprived consumers that a particular brand of soap will change their lives forever, or touting the merits of the next big dot.com to a particularly vicious room of venture capitalists, not a day...

Melissa Camilleri '01

English teacher

Melissa Camilleri teaches at Casa Roble High School in Orangevale, where she was once a student. Being an English major has benefitted me tremendously. During my last semester and right after graduation, I worked at Smart Business...

John Neudecker

Director of Development

Five years from now, the majority of graduates will find that most of what they need to know professionally was learned on the job, and almost none of it in a classroom. English majors, on the other hand, will discover that their...

Heidi Bryant '99

Sales representative

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me, “so what can you do with an English major?” I’d be a very rich woman right now. My response was always an emphatic “anything I want to do!”

Michael Testa

Director of Community Relations

While I would not have been able to tell you what I wanted to do professionally while in school, I knew that I liked to write, that I was good at verbal communications and that I needed to do something that was ever-changing. My English...

Mary Volmer

Writer & SMC faculty

I came to Saint Mary’s College to study biology and the life sciences, but after two years changed majors to English. The novels, plays and stories I read in my English classes inspired me.

Andrew Denman


I decided to attend Saint Mary’s and major in art rather than pursuing a BFA at an art school precisely because it was important to me to minor in English (a luxury I would not have had in art school).


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