Alumni Testimonials

  • Amanda Benson

    Operations, Swift Collective Social Media & Contributing Writer PDX Local

    "A lot of the time 'practical' is what other people want. . . . As long as you are motivated to learn what you want and have passion in it, it's worth your time.” 
  • Sunitha Kumar Girish

    CEO and Founder, Laughing Buddha Games

    “The world of books offers you everything you need to know to be successful in life. Take it from me: you’re only limited by your imagination!”
  • Forrest Kitlas

    Head of Talent Acquisition, Kabam Inc

    "On a daily basis, I help shape the ‘Employee Value Proposition’ for Kabam to attract the top talent in the high tech and entertainment industry. From designing our corporate website language, pictures, and videos, to hosting onsite events, to...
  • Melissa Camilleri

    Educator and Entrepreneur

    "Dream big. I never in a million years imagined I'd own my own online company when I was 20 years old. I got stuck in a mindset that you can't make money as an English major. That's a load of garbage that well-meaning people who don't know any...
  • Clare FitzPatrick

    Senior Process Executive for Cognizant Technologies at Google

    "The best jobs don’t want you for what your degree says. The best jobs want you because you are smart, you know how to think critically, and you know how to analyze problems and create solutions."
  • Ian Sharp

    Retail Manager, Whole Foods Market

    “I’m a trained chef, and I’m an English major. I run a successful retail business, and I’m an English major. I’m a veteran, and I’m an English major. What will you DO with it?!!! Whatever you want."
  • Nick Anicich

    Garden and Nutrition Coordinator, Edible Sac High; Meditation Coach

    “The English major allows you to follow your passion inside the classroom AND afterwards, when you leave the classroom.”
  • Stephanie Miller

    Circulation Supervisor, Pacific University Libraries

    “Librarians are on the front lines of the privacy and copyright debates. . . .The English major and Seminar program gave me the background in critical thinking, philosophy, and ethics I need to navigate these concerns.”
  • Amanda Talbott

    Diversity Program Manager, Facebook

    “Take advantage of the access to professors . . . I transferred from a larger university and it made a huge difference being in a small school.” 
  • Sean Flynn

    Third-Year Law Student

    “In law school, students often struggle to adjust to lengthy reading assignments and public speaking . . . My English degree provided me with invaluable experience in both of these areas.”