Alumni Testimonials

  • Andrew Bouvier-Brown

    Criminal Defense Attorney

    The depth of inquiry that Andrew Bouvier-Brown pursued at Saint Mary's prepared him well for law school and an eventual career as a criminal defense attorney.
  • Joe Legaz

    Marketing & Entertainment Manager, San Francisco Giants

    Joe Legaz has fond memories of the experiences and connections of his time at SMC.  Some of those connections led to his current position as one of the sources of the fun at San Francisco Giants games.
  • Jennifer (Scarry) Ashton

    Administrator - US Defense Contractor

    A Communication & Spanish Double Major, Jennifer traveled the world as part of her job in executive security before shifting into training and administration for a major U.S. defense contractor.
  • Justin Johnston

    Principal/Owner of Twilight Solutions

    Justin Johnston started a business while studying Communication and Women's Studies at SMC.  Now his business is flourishing and he is charting new territory as a successful entrepreneur.
  • Lindsay Swoboda

    Community Involvement Coordinator

    Lindsay used her skills from Seminar classes and her passion for social justice to become a community leader through the Jesuit Volunteers program. 
  • Jordan Bonadio

    Graduate Student, Film and Media

    Jordan was a dedicated student and a varsity athlete at SMC.  Her time at Saint Mary's prepared her well for grad school, even in a field that wasn't her specialty as an undergraduate.
  • Kristen Hosack

    Interactive Producer, Music Industry/Public Events

    Kristen Hosack went from DJ-ing at KSMC to directing media plans for major California music venues and public events.  Her continuing philanthropic work is also a testament to her time at SMC.
  • Torin Simpson

    Senior Video Editor/Producer, San Francisco Giants

    At the end of his football career at SMC, Torin Simpson found his way to a new life in sports, as an Emmy-winning editor/producer for the San Francisco Giants. 
  • Clifton Harrison

    Hip Hop Artist (Clif Soulo)

    When his college football career ended with the discontinuation of the program, Clifton Harrison decided to complete his degree and to continue his career as a hip hop artist.  Performing as Clif Soulo, he sees the impact of his SMC education in his...
  • Marc Mowrer

    Commercial Real Estate Broker

    Marc Mowrer played tennis at SMC, worked in professional sports with the Seattle Mariners, had a job with Coca-Cola, eventually went to law school, and now is a Commercial Real Estate Broker.  His time at Saint Mary's prepared him for all of these...