Amanda (Gourley) Pantaleon '10

10GourleyAmanda MA '12 and Ivan Pantaleon '07 married on June 22, 2013, in their hometown of Ukiah, California, at Saint Mary of the Angels Catholic Church. Ivan is an agent with Carol and Jerry Myer State Farm Agency, and Amanda is a marriage and family therapist intern with Tapestry Family Services. Their bridal party included multiple SMC alumns: Lacey Olson, Kaitlyn Glenn, Whitney Wright, Nicole Adler '03, Anthony Butler '07, Michael Herman '07, Shane Keane '07, Randy Lopez '11. Other SMC alums who attended included: Argenis Rubio '07, Nora Amaral '07, Christina Hamilton '07, Mark Gilson '07, David Lenser '07, Fabien Zadno '11, Matt Hensley, Alex Stillings '08, Megan Colin '12, Noemi Cocone '12, and Jerry Myer EE ’98