An Arabian Night to Remember

Arabian Night

Complete with belly dancing and a fashion show, Saint Mary’s first-ever Arabian Night March 31 centered on dispelling myths, showcasing traditions, and kick-starting what will hopefully become an annual event at Saint Mary’s. From the portrayal of the Middle East in the media to the role of Arab parents, the large student cast performed serious and lighthearted presentations about the diverse culture of the Middle East, debunking many misconceptions.

While the evening turned serious at times, such as during personal testaments from students, it also incorporated lively performances like belly dancing and a “Dating 101” skit. Also, a fashion show that opened the event showed off different styles of Middle Eastern dress, some including detailed beading.

A strong family and community feel ran throughout the evening, from the song “Human” sung by Rochelle Duenas and her niece, Kalea Perez, to an ending dance that audience members were invited to join.