Announcing...the launch of SEBA's Undergraduate Student Advisory Board

The Saint Mary's College School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA), takes a unique approach toward educating current and future leaders and managers. Their mission is to create professionally skilled, ethically principled, socially responsible, and personally fulfilled individuals.

In keeping with this student-centric charge, SEBA proudly launched an Undergraduate Student Advisory Board earlier this week. SEBA Associate Dean, Dr. Larisa V. Genin explains the role this new resource will encompass at Saint Mary's College.

"The main purpose of the new SEBA Undergraduate Student Advisory Board is to provide the undergraduate student body a forum to voice their needs, concerns, and suggestions as they pertain to future planning and decision making within the School."

This is a truly powerful notion. The Student Advisory Board will deliver ongoing advice concerning the enrichment of SEBA's curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular undertakings. In addition, they'll work to represent SEBA students' voice, taking on issues such as, student experience, support, and ideas for enhancement.

It's in this capacity that Dr. Genin sees the true importance of this new Student Advisory Board. "They will act as an essential liaison between the students, the faculty, and the Dean's Office in order to foster a superior learning environment."

SEBA welcomes the 2011-2012 Undergraduate Student Advisory Board:

Laycee Alves '12 Accounting Major

Sharon S. Chandiramani '13 Business Administration Major

Sihang Chen '12 Economics Major

Kelly Fisher '11 Business Administration Major

Justin Grider '11 Economics Major

Sarah Goeckel '12 Accounting Major

Morgan A. Hatten '13
Business Administration Major

Scott Karas '12 Business Administration Major

Matthew King '12 Business Administration Major

Chelsey Marderosian '11 Accounting Major

Isaac Morton '12 Economics Major

Ciara Pedroncelli '12 Accounting Major

Matthew Soares '11 Economics Major

Charles Tracy '11 Business Administration Major

Tracy Vasquez '12 Business Administration Major

Alexys Woods '12 Business Administration Major

Michael Weber '12 Economics Major

Paul Wright '11 Business Administration Major

The School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA) offers distinguished undergraduate degree programs, such as the B.S. in Accounting, the B.S. in Business Administration, and the choice of a B.A. or B.S. in Economics. For questions about the SEBA Undergraduate Advisory Board, please email us.