Annual Report 2011: Letter from the President

Brother Ronald

For this purpose, enter into the spirit of your Institute, and stir up in you the zeal that God wishes you to have in its fullness, so that you can give your students some understanding of this sacred mystery.

— Saint John Baptist de La Salle

Dear Saint Mary’s Community,

When Saint La Salle founded the Brothers of the Christian Schools, he recognized that zeal for the education of youth should be the “spirit of their institute.” At Saint Mary’s, zeal for our educational mission also drives us today. For nearly 150 years, that passion has played out in significant and meaningful ways — expressions of a unique blend of Catholic, Lasallian and liberal arts traditions — that touch the lives of everyone in our community and the greater world. 

In the past year, our aspirations have resulted in measured success in every area of the College. Our faculty have been recognized for their exemplary teaching and research. Our students have gained high praise in activities from the arts and athletics to service and global outreach. Our undergraduate enrollment numbers are the highest they have ever been, and our alumni and friends are increasingly expressing their enthusiasm for our mission by increased giving that provides critical support for our students, faculty, facilities and programs.

In the pages of the annual report that follows, we introduce you to just a few of the ideas and people that are the embodiment of the Saint Mary’s spirit. Together and by association, we are a community of faith and zeal living out our vital mission. And our collective energy makes us unstoppable.

In Saint La Salle,
Brother Ronald Gallagher, FSC